On January 15th, 2018, crypto fanatics gathered at Bagatelle, New York City, for the first-ever Crypto Mondays Meetup. The idea of the event is for people are interested in Bit and Altcoins to discuss the current state of crypto world and make a crypto connection. More than 150 people filled the spacious Bagatelle venue and some heated debates ensued on what the next money making coins was going to be. The event will be held every Monday from 6:30pm-9:00pm at Bagatelle until February. These gatherings are also slated to head to other cities including Miami later this month with NYC being first. Whether you are new to the crypto game or just want to learn about it. This is the perfect opportunity. Editor's Note: As of the day after the event, the value of the crypto market had crashed more than 50% putting future events in doubt, however, in the past few days the crypto market is steadily coming back again with the market recovering more than 35% after the crash.

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